George Stults

George Stults

George Stults was a former high school wrestling champ and commercial model. He later took his athletic good looks to television, appearing in numerous guest roles on sitcoms, as well as a five-year stint on the long-running family drama "7th Heaven." It was a path he almost didn't take. Stults initially considered joining the Navy, but with the encouragement of an acting agent, he began auditioning for TV parts. Before his big break on "7th Heaven," as Kevin Kinkirk, the husband of central character Lucy Camden (Beverley Mitchell), the former wrestler played small, guest roles on popular sitcoms such as "Will & Grace" and "Friends." After the cancellation of "7th Heaven" in 2007, Stults worked sporadically in TV and film, earning a role opposite James Kyson-Lee and former pop idol Tiffany in the 2009 thriller "Necrosis."


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