Goran Navojec

Goran Navojec is a Croatian actor and musician. In his three decade long career, Navojec has starred in numerous films including The Three Men of Melita Žganjer (1998), God Forbid a Worse Thing Should Happen (2002), Long Dark Night (2004), Two Players from the Bench (2005), The Parade (2011) and Our Everyday Life (2015). He has also had prominent roles on television, including the gawky, vulnerable doctor Toni Grgeč in the comedy series Naša mala klinika (2004–2007) and comical but tough Refko Mujkić in Lud, zbunjen, normalan (2010–2015). He has appeared regularly on stage, including a lauded performance as the title prince in a 2004 production of Hamlet. He has also worked for various American and British stage and screen productions, including Coriolanus and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol (both 2011). For his body of work, Navojec has received critical acclaim and numerous awards. For his role in 2016's Sve najbolje, he won a Golden Arena for Best Supporting Actor. His robust, distinct bass-baritone voice has landed him prolific roles within voice-work for numerous Croatian-language dubs of animated features and radio dramas. He has voiced Mr. Ray in the Finding Nemo franchise (2003–2016), Junior in Home on the Range (2004), Boog in Open Season (2006), Bad Bill in Rango (2011) and Bomb in The Angry Birds Movies (2016, 2019). Apart from his eminent acting career, he has also performed as a musician. Since 2010, he has been a part of Bosnian pop-rock band Karne, a group he formed alongside Miraj Grbić and Feđa Isović. With Karne, Navojec released one album called Diktatura amatera in 2012.