Jagathy Sreekumar

Sreekumar Achary, better known by his stage name Jagathy Sreekumar or simply Jagathy, is an Indian actor, director and playback singer, who has appeared in over 1500 Malayalam films in a career spanning almost four decades. Widely regarded as the greatest comedian in the history of Malayalam cinema, he is also known for his highly nuanced character roles. He is the son of acclaimed dramaturge and writer, the late Jagathy N. K. Achary.Jagathy Sreekumar won five Kerala State Film Awards among numerous other awards for his roles in various films. He has also directed two films and written screenplays for two more. His stage name is derived from the neighborhood of Jagathy in Trivandrum from where he hails. He is an outspoken orator holding strong views, quite unlike his onscreen image and his speeches are still popular. As the result of a vehicle accident in March 2012, Jagathy was hospitalized for over a year and has still not completely recovered from the injuries sustained. His film career has been on hold since the accident. In May 2022, Jagathy returned to the big screen with the CBI 5: The Brain directed by K. Madhu. In the film, he did not have any dialogues and reprised the memorable character CID Vikram, which he played in the previous films of the CBI series.