Jennie Fahn

Jennie Fahn

Jennie Fahn was an accomplished actress, noted for her comedic timing in her roles for television shows. Fahn's career started out on the small screen, landing roles on the series "Becker" (1998-2004), "Will & Grace" (NBC, 1998-2006) and "The Bernie Mac Show" (Fox, 2001-06). Later, she acted in "Without A Trace" (2002-09), "Summerland" (Warner Bros. Television Network, 2003-05) and "My Name is Earl" (NBC, 2005-09). She also appeared in "Heroes" (NBC, 2006-2010) and "Ruby & the Rockits" (Freeform, 2008-09). More recently, Fahn voiced characters in the animated sequel "Happily N'Ever After 2" (2009) with Gina K Bowes.


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