Kate Hewlett

Kate Hewlett

Kate Hewlitt was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Hewlitt's career began with roles in "Stargate: Atlantis" (Syfy, 2003-08) and "Kevin Hill" (UPN, 2004-05). She also appeared in the TV movie "Four Minutes" (ESPN Network, 2005-06). During the early stages of her acting career, Hewlitt worked in films like the Jennifer Connelly suspenseful adaptation "Dark Water" (2005). She continued to work steadily in television dramas throughout the early 2000s, appearing on "Psych" (USA, 2005-2014) and "Flashpoint" (Bell Media, 2007-2013). Additionally, she later acted in "A Dog's Breakfast" (2007). Hewlitt took on film roles in more recent years, appearing in "Jesus Henry Christ" (2012) with Toni Collette and the comedy "Sex After Kids" (2014) with Amanda Brugel. Most recently, Hewlitt appeared in "Degrassi: Next Class" (2015-).




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