Lee Eisenberg

Lee Eisenberg

Like most writers of TV comedy, Lee Eisenberg started young. After graduating from Connecticut College in 1999, he found work in the entertainment business relatively quickly, as a production assistant on the following year's adaptation of the Peter Cook/Dudley Moore deal-with-the-devil comedy, "Bedazzled." Very soon after that, Eisenberg landed his first TV writing assignments, for the short-lived HBO comedy/romance series "The Mind of the Married Man" (2001), created by and starring Mike Binder. This vaulted Eisenberg into the writers' room of the long-running corporate satire "The Office" (2005). He joined the show several years into its run and became one of its key writers, penning or contributing to some of its most memorable episodes. He even assisted with directing several of them. His scripts for the show weren't produced only on TV; he also wrote and directed many of the webisodes shown as companion pieces online. Although his TV writing duties kept him busy, Eisenberg found the time now and again to work on films as well. With frequent writing partner (and fellow "Office" worker) Gene Stupnitsky, he received a credit for the script of "Year One" (2009), a goofy Harold Ramis comedy set in the ancient world and starring Jack Black.




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