Leo Rossi

Leo Rossi

Character actor Leo Rossi began his acting career in community theater, and he won his first notable role in the horror sequel "Halloween II" with Jamie Lee Curtis, where he played a nasty sexist paramedic. Rossi played the husband to Bonnie Bedelia in the gentle drama "Heart Like a Wheel," and he plunged into mystery plots with "River's Edge," starring Keanu Reeves, and "Black Widow," featuring Theresa Russell and Debra Winger. He was most recognizable on screen as villains, and he made a particularly strong impression as the most loathsome of Jodie Foster's rapists in the drama "The Accused" in 1988. In the 1990s, Rossi made guest appearances on several television shows, and he returned to the big screen to play Robert De Niro's wicked cousin in the hit comedy "Analyze This" in 1999. In recent years, Rossi has played a lot of villains and mob members, but he has also found time for comic movies like "Looney Tunes: Back in Action."




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