Makiko Watanabe

Makiko Watanabe

Makiko Watanabe was an actress who had a successful Hollywood career. Watanabe started off her career in film with roles in "2 Duo" (1997) and "M/other" (2000). Watanabe next focused her career on film, appearing in the drama "Mogari No Mori" (2007) with Shigeki Uda, "The Rebirth" (2007) and the Takahiro Nishijima foreign "Love Exposure" (2011). She also appeared in the drama "Odayaka" (2012) with Kiki Sugino and the drama "Playback" (2012) with Jun Murakami. More recently, Watanabe acted in the Fujio Tokita drama "Still the Water" (2014).