Marc Warren

Marc Warren

American audiences may know Marc Warren as the Repairman, the hit-happy assassin from 2008's "Wanted," the action-packed summer blockbuster that introduced art-house dreamboat James McAvoy to the multiplex crowd. Across the pond, the boyishly handsome Warren has been known for years, even if it took a while for the British to notice him. Warren left his childhood home of Northampton for London at age 17 to pursue an acting career, but didn't land his first role--a production of the oft-performed musical "Godspell"--until age 20. After years of almost anonymous work--including serving as Ewan McGregor's storyboard stand-in for "Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace"--Warren finally broke through in 1999 when he landed a recurring role on the gritty, acclaimed BBC police series "The Vice." But his biggest role came on the popular BBC con artist drama "Hustle," playing charming grifter Danny Blue from 2004 to 2007. Aside from his extensive television work, Warren has appeared in films with Geoffrey Rush ("Shine"), John Malkovich ("Color Me Kubrick"), and Elijah Wood ("Hooligans").



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