Marguerite Moreau

Marguerite Moreau

Native Californian Marguerite Moreau was a pretty 13-year-old when she made her professional acting debut in a 1991 episode of the popular ABC sitcom "The Wonder Years" playing a junior high student. Later that year, the blondish teen was cast as the friend of the Catholic girl dated by a Jewish boy (Danny Gerard) in the nostalgic sitcom "Brooklyn Bridge" (CBS). Moreau made her feature film debut in the kid-friendly sports comedy "The Mighty Ducks" (1992) and reprised the role in the film's two sequels in 1994 and 1996. In between, she made her debut as a TV series regular playing the daughter of a female minister (Patty Duke) in the short-lived NBC sitcom "Amazing Grace." By 1998, Moreau was enrolled at Vassar and began to undertake slightly more adult roles, playing the daughter of a cop's widow who suspects there was more to her death than first believed in the USA Network film "My Husband's Secret Life." When she returned to the screen in 2001's feature comedy "Wet Hot American Summer," Moreau was cast as a camp counselor romancing a studly lifeguard (Paul Rudd). That same year, European moviegoers could catch her as a young woman with a taste for techno music and drugs in "Rave Macbeth," adapted from Shakespeare's play. 2002, however, offered the rising starlet two high profile parts in fantasy projects. In "Queen of the Damned," adapted from Anne Rice's books, Moreau played a member of a society of vampire hunters who develops an unhealthy interest in one of their prey. For the small screen, she assumed the role of Charlie McPhee (originated by young Drew Barrymore) in the Sci-Fi Channel production "Firestarter: Rekindled," a sequel loosely inspired by Stephen King's novel.


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