Mario Guerra

Cuban actor Mario Guerra was finding work in shorts and feature films when he was called upon to voice the character of Ramón, one of the principal roles in the Oscar-winning animated feature "Chico & Rita." Guerra's on-screen career began in 1991 with a starring role in the short film "Un lugar limpio y bien iluminado." Later in the decade he made an appearance on the comedy TV show " Los hombres queue la amaron," before making several more appearances in short films during the early 2000s. He co-starred in the dramatic short "The Lady of the Dogs" in 2000 and the 28-minute Cuban film "El experiment del profesor Mugercia" in 2004. He made his feature debut a year later with one of the lead roles in the film "Frusta en el café," a story about the intersection of love, art and commerce. Guerra then starred as Santos in the 2006 film "La Pared" and had a supporting role in the musical drama "El Benny," a biopic about Cuban composer and bandleader Benny Moré. Guerra's next feature roles came in the Drama "Ciudad en rojo" in 2009 and "The Dancer and the Thief" directed by "Chico & Rita" director Fernando Trueba. The director cast Guerra in the period piece "Chico & Rita," which takes place across several generations of Cuban history and showcases the island nation's vibrant music scene. In the film Guerra portrays Ramón, the best friend of main character Chico.