Matthew Davies

Upon finishing school at the University of Utah, Matthew Davis went to live in New York to hone his burgeoning acting skills. He began studying at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts and performing in small stage productions. By 2000, he was ready to try his luck in Hollywood. His decision paid off when he immediately landed two roles as a set of twins in the horror sequel "Urban Legends: Final Cut." Although the movie was not very well received commercially or critically, Davis's turn in that film helped him gain a role that same year playing Private Jim Paxton, a soldier with writing aspirations, alongside star Colin Farrelll, in the Joel Schumacher directed Vietnam-era movie, "Tigerland." With a performance in Michael Bay's much lambasted big-budget war film "Pearl Harbor" in 2001, Davis scored his biggest role to date. His performance as Reese Witherspoon's preppy boyfriend in the mega-hit romantic comedy "Legally Blonde" instantly bolstered his rising star even further, while at the same time demonstrating his acting range. Davis has continued to branch out in his career since then, playing a gay mechanic in 2002's "Lone Star State of Mind," an FBI agent in the 2005 Steven Seagal action picture "Into the Sun," and moving into television with a regular role on the critically acclaimed dramedy "What about Brian," beginning in 2006.