Michael A. Goorjian

Michael A. Goorjian

Cast against type, Goorjian played a college boy who participated in the rape of Elisabeth Shue's hooker Sera in "Leaving Las Vegas" (1995) but the performer opted to concentrate on more personal efforts. Retreating to his native Oakland, he made numerous unreleased films, ranging from shorts to features to documentaries (i.e., "Oakland Underground" which as of 1999 was still in post-production). Goorjian also sold a screenplay, "Waking the Magician" (which remains in development with the actor attached to direct) and continued to act in features if the roles appealed to him. He accepted the role of Kenny in "Hard Rain" (1998) more for the opportunity for a great onscreen death scene than anything else. In 1999, his career picked up somewhat with prominent roles in the independent features "SLC Punk!" and "The Invisibles." Sporting a mohawk as Heroin Bob, the best friend of blue-haired Stevo (Matthew Lillard) in the former, he had a meaty supporting role as an anti-drug anarchist exploring the punk scene in Salt Lake City, while the latter cast him as a drug-abusing rock star who romances an equally addicted model (Portia de Rossi).




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