Mikio Narita

Mikio Narita (成田三樹夫, Narita Mikio, 31 January 1935 – 9 April 1990) was a Japanese actor. He was most famous for playing villains. He often worked with Kinji Fukasaku. Narita graduated from Haiyuza Theatre Company acting school and joined Daiei Film. His career as a screen actor started in 1963. His film debut was the 1963 film Kōkō Sannensei. He gradually won fame by playing the role of the villains. In 1971, Narita left Daiei and became a freelance actor. AS a freelance actor he appeared in many yakuza films produced by Toei film company. In Japan he is best known for his role in Tantei Monogatari(TV series). He is also well known for his part in Battles Without Honor and Humanity series. He also portrayed the evil character in Mito Kōmon (3rd season). He died of Linitis plastica on 9 April 1990. His final film role was in the 1990 film "Jipangu".