Paul Curran

Paul Curran found incredible success as an accomplished actor, appearing in a variety of films throughout his Hollywood career. Curran's career in acting began with his roles in various films like "John Paul Jones" (1959), the dramedy "Nothing But the Best" (1964) with Alan Bates and the David Warner comedy "The Engagement" (1970). He also appeared in the Topol adaptation "Galileo" (1974). He kept working in film throughout the seventies and the eighties, starring in the comedic adventure "Jabberwocky" (1977) with Michael Palin and "The Human Factor" (1980). He also landed a role in the miniseries "Jesus of Nazareth" (1976-77). Toward the end of his career, he continued to act in "Nous etions tous des noms d'arbres" (1983) and "The Doctor and the Devils" (1985) with Timothy Dalton. Curran was most recently credited in the dramatic sports film "My Name Is Joe" (1999) with Peter Mullan. He also had a part in the TV miniseries "Merlin" (1997-98). Curran passed away in December 1986 at the age of 73.