Rick Overton

Rick Overton

A native New Yorker, actor Rick Overton began life in the Forest Hills neighborhood of Queens, where he was born to jazz-pop singer Nancy Swain (a member of The Chordettes, famous for their hit "Mister Sandman") and jazz pianist and composer Hall Overton. Shortly after Overton's birth, the family relocated across the Hudson River to Englewood, New Jersey where Overton spent his adolescence. After beginning a career as a standup comic on the competitive New York comedy club scene of the 1970s, Overton made his film debut with a small part in the Garry Marshall's comedy "Young Doctors in Love" (1982). A spoof of soapy medical dramas, it was an example of the kind of satirical comedy Overton would continue to pursue. That same year he appeared as a clerk in "Airplane II: The Sequel" (1982), the less successful follow-up to the anarchic hit comedy "Airplane!" (1980). Overton went on to small parts in big-budget Hollywood comedies including "Beverly Hills Cop" (1984), "Groundhog Day" (1993) and "Mrs. Doubtfire" (1993) while keeping his main focus on his successful stand-up career. In addition to his film and stand-up work, Overton pursued an eclectic career on television, ranging from working as a writer on the weekly variety show "Dennis Miller Live"(HBO 1994-2002) to taking on the role of Rufus (as played by George Carlin in the movies) on the animated series "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventures" (Fox Kids 1992). His later work as a character actor ranged from comic roles as a hapless FBI agent on the comic thriller "Leverage" (TNT 2008-2012) and as the father of receptionist Pam Beesly (Jenna Fischer) on "The Office" (NBC 2005-2013) to a supporting role as an operative on the short-lived espionage series "Chaos" (CBS 2011).



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