Sal Viscuso

Sal Viscuso

Sal Viscuso was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. Viscuso's early acting career mostly consisted of roles in various films, such as "The World's Greatest Lover" (1977), the Dom DeLuise comedy "Fatso" (1980) and the Marsha Mason comedic drama "Max Dugan Returns" (1983). He worked in television in his early acting career as well, including parts on "The Montefuscos" (NBC, 1975-76) and "Soap" (ABC, 1977-1981). Viscuso also contributed his voice to characters in "M*A*S*H" (CBS, 1972-1983). He continued to act in productions like "Jake Speed" (1986) with Wayne Crawford and "Spaceballs" (1987) with Mel Brooks. He also contributed to a variety of television specials, including "The War Between the Classes" (CBS, 1985-86) and "2 1/2 Dads" (ABC, 1985-86). He also was featured in the TV movie "A Perry Mason Mystery: The Case of the Jealous Jokester" (NBC, 1994-95). Most recently, Viscuso acted on "Scandal" (ABC, 2011-).


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