Sándor Csányi

Sándor Csányi is a Hungarian actor. Csányi aimed to be an actor from an early age and was admitted into the University of Theatre and Film Arts in Budapest on his fourth attempt. In 2002, he became a member of the Radnóti Theatre in Budapest. His earliest film role was lending his voice for the 1999 film Sitiprinc and he followed this up by starring in shorts Az Ember, akit kihagytak and ( the following year. He then had small roles in a number of films until 2003 when he starred in Nimród Antal's critically acclaimed Kontroll. He has since become somewhat of a leading man in Hungarian cinema, starring in such films as Just Sex and Nothing Else, Rokonok and Children of Glory. He was married to Hungarian actress Lia Pokorny who he has worked alongside on a number of films. They have one child, Michael (2003).