Sergio Di Zio

Sergio Di Zio

Sergio Di Zio was an actor who had a successful Hollywood career. He had a part on the television special "Rembrandt: Fathers and Sons" (HBO, 1999-2000). He also starred in the TV movies "Freak City" (1998-99), "The Passion of Ayn Rand" (Showtime, 1998-99) and "The Wishing Tree" (Showtime, 1999). He worked in series television while getting his start in acting, including a part on "Twitch City" (2000-01). He then appeared in the comedy "The In-Laws" (2003) with Michael Douglas, the Russell Crowe dramatic biopic "Cinderella Man" (2005) and the Joseph Gordon-Levitt crime drama "The Lookout" (2007). He also appeared in "Flash of Genius" (2008) with Greg Kinnear. He shifted from film to television work through the early 2000s and the 2010s, appearing on "Rookie Blue" (2009-2015), "Suits" (USA, 2010-) and "Rogue" (DirecTV, 2012-). He also appeared in "Reign" (CW, 2013-). Di Zio most recently acted in "The Walk" (2015).


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