Sonya Eddy

Sonya Eddy

Jun 17, 1967, Concord, California, USA
Eddy studied theatre and dance at the University of California at Davis, graduating in 1992. After a series of stage roles she made her TV debut in 1995 on two episodes of "The Drew Carey Show" (ABC 1995-2004). This was followed by many other small roles in a variety of hit shows including "Married With Children" (Fox 1987-1997), "Beverly Hills 90210" (Fox 1990-2000) and "Murphy Brown" (CBS 1988-1998). Her first film role came as a nurse in the comedy "High School High" (1996), while 2001 saw Eddy get her first taste of TV medical drama with her first appearance on "ER" (NBC 1994-2009), a show she would appear on again in 2006. Eddy joined "General Hospital" in 2006 and made her mark as head nurse Epiphany Johnson, the mother of Stan Johnson (Kiko Ellsworth) and a key supporting character in the series. Despite her continued commitment to "General Hospital," Eddy took on a recurring role in the outrageous adult-themed comedy "Legit" (FX 2013-14).


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