Stephanie Lemelin

Stephanie Lemelin

Stephanie Lemelin was an actress who worked in television for most of her Hollywood career. Lemelin made acting appearances on "Malcolm in the Middle" (1999-2006), "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" (CBS, 2000-2015) and "Undeclared" (Fox, 2001-02). She also appeared in "NCIS" (2003-), "The Mullets" (UPN, 2003-04) and "Run of the House" (WB, 2003-04). She continued her comedic performances throughout the early 2000s, appearing on"Rules of Engagement" (CBS, 2006-2013) and "Cavemen" (ABC, 2007-08). She also appeared in the Alan Arkin dramatic adaptation "Raising Flagg" (2007). During these years In her more recent career, she tackled roles on "90210" (2008-2013), "The Whole Truth" (ABC, 2010-11) and "Shake It Up!" (Disney, 2010-13). She also appeared in the action picture "Get the Gringo" (2012) with Mel Gibson. Most recently, Lemelin acted in "Playdate" (2013).


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