Tibo Vandenborre

Belgian actor Tibo Vandenborre is best known for his role in the 2011 hit "Bullhead" and has a penchant for playing villains and heavies. Vandenborre got his start in 2004 in the award-winning short film "Carlo" and made his feature debut in the 2007 Belgian drama "les larmes de l'argent" ("Silver Tears") as Lieutenant Laurent. He then appeared on the TV show "Taste" in 2008 and played another soldier in the historical World War II drama "Winter in Wartime," which was highly acclaimed and earned accolades at several festivals including the Nederlands Festival and the Rome Film Fest. He had more feature roles in 2010, including a part in the horror film "Two Eyes Staring" and the thriller "White Snow," in which he appeared as a nameless thug. He appeared in several film and TV projects in 2011 but it was his work in the foreign film Academy-Award nominee "Bullhead" that overshadowed all other work. The film, about a cattle farmer who gets mixed up in criminal dealings, featured Vandenborre in a key supporting role. He also appeared in the 2011 drama "Hotel Swooni" and a supporting role in the drama "L'envahisseur." In 2012 he appeared in the mystery "Rust & Bone" with Marion Cotillard.