William Nigh

William Nigh possessed a strong directorial eye, and consequently, he found a career as a director. At the start of his Hollywood career, Nigh was directing a variety of independent films, such as "The Blue Streak" (1917), the documentary "My Four Years in Germany" (1918) with Charles A Logue and "Casey of the Coast Guard" (1926). He also appeared in the dramatic adaptation "Mr. Wu" (1927) with Lon Chaney, "Across to Singapore" (1928) and "Thunder" (1929). He continued to work in film in the thirties, directing motion pictures like the adaptation "The Old Homestead" (1935) with Mary Carlisle, "The Mysterious Mr. Wong" (1935) and "Crash Donovan" (1936). He also appeared in "A Bride For Henry" (1937). In the latter half of his career, Nigh directed "Son of the Navy" (1940), "Doomed to Die" (1940) and "The Ape" (1940). He also appeared in "Secret Evidence" (1941) and the dramedy "Mob Town" (1941) with Billy Halop. Nigh last directed "I Wouldn't Be in Your Shoes" (1948). Nigh passed away in November 1955 at the age of 74.