VeggieTales in the City
Available on Netflix
"There's a great big city where each day begins/With exciting new adventures for our veggie friends!" That's the way each VEGGIETALES IN THE CITY episode starts, clueing us in that we're going to see all the vegetables we've come to know, in a big, bustling city that brings new exploits for tomato Bob (Phil Vischer) and cucumber Larry (Mike Nawrocki). The big city is full of tall buildings, traffic, and friends both new and old. Sometimes the vegetables make mistakes, such as being impolite or caring about money more than friendship. But at the end of every show, the vegetables have learned a lesson, sung a song, and become better friends. As on every VeggieTales movie or series, Bob and Larry always sign off by saying, "Remember kids, God made you special, and he loves you very much!"