Frisky Dingo
Available on adult swim, Hulu
Frisky Dingo is an animated action-comedy series that puts a twist on the traditional superhero/super villain relationship, highlighting the corporate problems the arch enemies face as they try to destroy and save the world, respectively. When superhero Awesome X destroys all of the super villains, his obnoxious billionaire alter ego Xander Crews (voiced by Adam Reed) finds himself wondering how -- with no bad guys left for them to fight -- he's going to sell enough Awesome X action figures to maintain his playboy lifestyle. Meanwhile, evil thug Killface (also Reed) must find a way to keep his image as a super villain going so he can pay the expenses associated with propelling the planet into the sun to destroy it while at the same time making sure that his employees have health insurance. The pair's paths merge as each side attempts to fulfill their ultimate goals.