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Ellen Parsons is anxious to put her new law degree to work at a high-profile Manhattan firm led by Patty Hewes, a formidable litigator and the first choice of those facing powerful and moneyed interests. Ellen is quickly assigned to a lawsuit targeting Arthur Frobisher, a billionaire accused of an illegal stock sale that saved his own fortune but bankrupted his employees. Despite a failed federal prosecution, Patty is sure she can send Frobisher a costly message that will enrich both her and her clients. When Frobisher tries using a bribe to force a settlement, the resulting torrent of subterfuge and murder threatens everyone in its path. Suspecting that she's caught up in a complex conspiracy engineered by her boss, Ellen walks deeper into a trap where nothing is as it appears. And with Ellen's world crumbling around her, Patty pushes even harder to punish the ruthless tycoon.


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