The Busy World of Richard Scarry
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Richard Scarry's beloved children's book characters come to life in "The Busy World Of Richard Scarry", a '90s-era animated series. All of fans' favorites reside in the cartoon version of Busytown, including the central characters Huckle Cat (voiced by Sonja Ball); his sister, Sally (Ball again); and their friend Lowly Worm (Keith Knight). Each episode in this series consists of three stories and two musical segues, whose topics complement one or more of the stories. The show chronicles the day-in, day-out happenings of the town, exploring how the characters relate to and cooperate with each other to solve problems. Recurring characters Inspector Couscous and Pepe le Gangstaire often make appearances in stories that are set in foreign locations and face off over Pepe's thieving ways.