Available on Netflix
The Netflix series 3% is a Brazilian dystopian thriller about a group of young adults attempting to survive a ritualistic selection process in hopes of ascending to a better life. Michele Santana (Bianca Comparato) lives in the slums of a postapocalyptic São Paulo. Like other 20-year-olds, she must participate in the Process, a state-imposed series of mental, physical, and emotional challenges that determine who gets to live in the adjoining privileged society known as the OffShore. While Michele, along with other hopefuls like Fernando Carvalho (Michel Gomes), Rafael Moreira (Rodolfo Valente), Joana Coelho (Vaneza Oliveira), and Marco Alvarez (Rafael Lozano) are determined to make it through to reach the mythical land of prosperity, Process Leader Ezequiel (João Miguel) is under increasing pressure from leadership to watch for potential candidates who represent the Cause, a group of rebels determined to bring down the entire system.