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In A.I.C.O. INCARNATION, after a biological accident known as The Burst, the Japanese countryside is contaminated by a creeping mass of destructive matter. A series of dams has been built to keep the matter contained. Aiko, a teenage girl confined to a wheelchair after a car accident learns from a mysterious new student, Kanzaki, that she is not what she appears to be. Kanzaki informs her that after the car accident, her body was in such bad shape that her father, a leader in the development of Artificial and Intelligent Cellular Organisms (A.I.C.O.), conducted an experiment. He created an entirely artificial version of Aiko, transferred her brain into the artificial body, and then put the artificial brain into her damaged body. Was it this transfer that inadvertently caused The Burst, and the creeping matter? It's actually a giant uncontrollable mass of A.I.C.O. Kanzaki brings Aiko to a group of mercenaries who agree to deliver Aiko to The Burst's ground zero in order to reunite the two Aikos -- a reunion that could potentially end the dangerous expansion of the matter.