American Vandal
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A heinous crime has rocked the quiet California high school of Hanover: Who stole into the parking lot and spray-painted a row of teachers' cars with phallic symbols, causing $100,000 worth of damage? AMERICAN VANDAL digs into whodunit. Was it high school senior Dylan (Jimmy Tatro), the ne'er-do-well known for drawing penises around the school, and who's already been expelled for the crime? Was it Alex Trimboli (Calum Worthy), the honor student who says he witnessed Dylan in the act? As Dylan's Hanover High Morning Show colleague Peter Maldonado (Tyler Alvarez) follows the case, the more he learns, the less he's sure of. In its second season, American Vandal's key sleuths Peter and Sam (Griffin Gluck) focus on a new school -- a private Catholic academy -- and take on a new misdemeanor (the "brownout" caused by laxative-spiked school cafeteria lemonade) and possibly unfairly accused miscreant, Kevin McClain (Travis Tope).