Beverly Hills Nannies
It's one thing to care for someone else's children, which may be more nerve-racking than looking after your own, but add the fact that the children are the offspring of high-profile families in Beverly Hills, and the challenge becomes much more daunting. This docuseries shines a light on the tall task of being a Beverly Hills nanny, which means play dates on Rodeo Drive and planning meals with personal chefs as well as managing over-the-top demands by parents without a hitch. The nannies on the series include Kristin Lancione, described as one of Beverly Hills' top nannies; Australian Scott Cartmill; Shaun Sturz, who worked for musician Kenny G for years; no-nonsense Southerner Justin Sylvester; and chatterbox Lucy Treadway, who was a finalist to become the nanny to Charlie Sheen's kids.