Club of Crows
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"Club de Cuervos" features a pair of wealthy Mexican siblings fighting for the presidency of the Nuevo Toledo Cuervos, their troubled family-owned soccer club. The Spanish-language series stars Luis Gerardo Méndez as the irresponsible socialite Salvador "Chava" Iglesias, Jr., and Mariana Treviño as his professionally driven older half-sister Isabel Iglesias-Reina, who has spent her life working for the team while fighting institutional sexism that keeps her from advancing. When their prominent father dies, the two officially become co-owners of the team and begin to fight each other for its control. Adding to the fray is Mary Luz (Stephanie Cayo), their late father's conniving girlfriend, who expects to benefit from the estate. Meanwhile, Felix (Daniel Giménez Cacho), the team's athletic director, tries to keep the Club going amidst all the chaos. As they struggle to work it out, the loyal residents of Nuevo Toledo worry that they will lose their team, which is the economic and community lifeblood of their small town.