Cory in the House
In the Disney Channel's spin-off series Cory In The House, Kyle Massey reprises his That's So Raven role as 15-year-old Cory, the irrepressible teen with big entrepreneurial plans for his future. With the women of the house away, Cory and his dad, Victor (Rondell Sheridan, also a Raven veteran), move to the White House, where Victor oversees the presidential kitchen. Cory attends an elite private school, where his classmates are sons and daughters of high-ranking government and political officials. After a stumble with his self-image (quickly remedied by a reminder about being true to yourself), Cory easily befriends the beautiful Meena (Maiara Walsh), whose dad is the ambassador from the fictional country of Bahavia, and laid-back Newt (Jason Dolley), who's unaffected by his family's political dynasty ... including the helicopter that drops him at school each day.