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Kathy Bates stars as Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a crunchy-granola mama (and self-described shaman/rabbi) turned owner of a marijuana dispensary in DISJOINTED. She's struggling to reconcile her lifelong weed-centric activism with the fact that ganja is now big business -- and legal. She sees her cozy shop as an extension of her counterculture spirit and belief in the healing powers of hemp, while her ambitious son Travis (Aaron Moten), fresh from business school, would like nothing more than to cash in and turn "Ruth's Alternative Caring" into a widespread chain store operation. Ruth's shop also employs three "budtenders": Pete (the spaced-out grow man), Olivia (the love interest), and Jenny (who calls herself the "Tokin' Asian"). The dispensary's security guard, Carter, is a teetotaling ex-soldier suffering from PTSD. Wacky customers (Ruth would stress that they're patients) come and go, causing drama with their stoned hijinks. The strip mall housing the dispensary also houses a Taekwondo studio, whose hothead instructor looks down on the marijuana biz and does his best to oust them from the area.