Do Not Disturb
Neal (Jerry O'Connell) is the high-maintenance (and rather obnoxious) general manager of The Inn, a swanky New York City hotel. He does whatever it takes to keep the hotel up to his own stylish and rather sexist standards while simultaneously impressing the hotel's owner (Robert Wagner). But while Neal tries to keep close tabs over what goes on in front of his guests on the upper floors, downstairs he has to contend with Rhonda (Niecy Nash), the hotel's human resources manager, who runs the lower level according to her own set of rules. The two try to keep each other in check while managing their eclectic hotel staff, including aging model/front desk receptionist Nicole (Molly Stanton), naïve bellman Jason (Brando Eaton), goal-oriented reservations clerk Molly (Jolene Purdy), and Larry (Jesse Tyler Ferguson), the unconventional head of housekeeping.