Don't Leave After School
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Fang Xue (Li Ting Ting) and Wei Lai (Yao Chi) may attend the same school but the two students couldn’t be more different. Coming from entirely different backgrounds, the only thing Fang Xue and Wei Lai have in common is their dream to attend a good university.  Despite their differences, Fang Xue and Wei Lai find themselves drawn to each other after expressing an interest in forming an after school study group. Realizing they aren’t the only ones hoping to get into a good school, the two plan to create a study group to help not only themselves, but other students as well, tackle the upcoming college entrance exams.  With their new friends by their side, Fang Xue and Wei Lai find the strength to overcome this first hurdle of adulthood, together. A sweet coming-of-age story, “Don’t Leave After School” is a 2021 high school drama directed by Huang Yuanda