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FRENEMIES is the story of a group of classmates whose relationships endure ups and downs as outside factors cause besties to turn against each other. Nestled in a substory about a pop culture/social media website created by two of the characters, the movie follows three unique relationships through rough patches that threaten to turn friends into enemies. First up is science whiz Jake (Nick Robinson), whose sudden infatuation with the school's popularity queen, Julianne (Stefanie Scott), edges out his best furry friend, who retaliates as only a dog can do. Jake's tomboyish classmate Savannah (Mary Mouser) gets her own dose of trouble when she switches places with her well-to-do look-alike, Emma (Mouser again), and the girls start shaking things up with each other's love interests. And BFFs Halley (Zendaya) and Avalon (Bella Thorne) put their relationship on the line to land a coveted editorial position with a publishing company that wants to take their website, Geekly Chic, to the big time. Ultimately each character must weigh friendship against his or her other desires and decide what matters most.