Go! Go! Cory Carson
Available on Netflix
GO! GO! CORY CARSON follows a curious and eager young car named Cory (voiced by Alan C. Lim) as he explores his hometown of Bumperton Hills, makes new friends, and has all kinds of fun and exciting adventures. Like most parents, Cory's Mama (Kerry Gudjohnsen) and Papa (Paul Killiam) are a little bit sad that their son is growing up so fast, but they enjoy watching him learn about the community and his place in it through his explorations. Whether he's off on a field trip with his friends Halle Copter (Adelaide Hirasaki), Kimmy (Neena-Sinaii Simpo) and Timmy O'Tool (Eli Morse), and Freddie Firetruck (Smith Foreman), or he's at home playing with his younger sister, Chrissy (Maisie Benson), Cory's always up for whatever the day brings.