Horrid Henry
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Ever get the feeling that life just isn't fair? Henry gets that feeling, all of the time. Of course he’s only a kid, but with a perfect little brother called Peter, a Mum and Dad who'd love him dearly if only he'd stop behaving, well, like a kid, and a moody girl next door who’s on a mission to make Henry’s life miserable, who can blame him? Henry’s looking at life from the bottom up, and from where he stands it’s him against the rest of the world. So if that means getting out of swimming class by pretending there's a shark in the pool, organizing an anti-school uniform campaign with his friends or setting up a pet sitting business in his bedroom to supplement his measly allowance, then that’s all part of life as Henry knows it. And if Mum and Dad wonder where Henry came from, Henry knows exactly where he’s headed – stardom, of course, even if he’s just not quite sure how or when he's going to get there!