Hot-Blooded Youth
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It is the early years of the tumultuous Republic of China period of mainland Chinese history (1912–1949). Shanghai is a city divided into a number of jurisdictions, known as Concessions, mostly ruled by foreign powers – and crime is rife. Gangs roam the city streets, knowing they can commit crimes in one concession and escape to another without a trace. The police’s methods have become increasingly brutal, while more and more of the police force is becoming corrupt. Amid the chaos, one young man named Wu Qian (Huang Zi Tao) enters a lucrative but shady competition, in a desperate bid to help his best friend, Wei Cheng Feng (Liu Yu Ning), whose grandmother has been struck down by a debilitating illness. However, taking part in this competition proves to be fateful for Wu Qian. He finds himself dragged into a bitter struggle between foreign despots and the local police. But along the way, he also makes the acquaintance of when he meets beautiful, patriotic freedom fighter He Hong Yi (Zhang Xue Ying), who convinces him that the concessions system should be overthrown. The two are drawn together – only to be wrenched apart by the chaos around them. With overseas tyrants and home-grown crime chiefs all vying for control of the city, Wu Qian and soon He Hong Yi find themselves caught up in a violent and dangerous power play – and ultimately separated. Wu Qian longs for a reunion with He Hong Yi, but faces a massive setback when he is tortured and imprisoned by corrupt police officials. Fortunately, Wu Qian is a real tough cookie who is not short on street smarts and martial arts skills… Can he fight his way out of prison, and into He Hong Yi’s arms? And how will their shared struggle against the corrupt system end? “Hot-Blooded Youth” is a 2019 Chinese drama series produced by Li Li Ying and Bai Yi Cong.