Last Chance U
Available on Netflix
LAST CHANCE U is a documentary series that follows a season with the East Mississippi Community College (EMCC) football team. Thanks to head coach Buddy Stephens' tradition of recruiting players who struggled at, or were dismissed from, a NCAA Division I university due to lack of discipline, bad grades, drug problems, and other issues, players like former Florida State quarterback John Franklin III, former Florida State wide receiver Isaiah Jones, and former Virginia Tech safety C.J. Reavis are playing for the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA) Division I school. They join talented local recruits who come from troubled backgrounds or have learning challenges but who want to improve their lives by playing professional football. Under Stephens' tough, no-nonsense coaching, the players struggle to make the most of this last chance to advance in the sport while helping EMCC win another championship. But under the close, watchful eye of athletic academic advisor Brittany Wagner, they must also work to minimally pass their classes to graduate and be Division I-eligible.