Lost Song
Available on Netflix
LOST SONG tells the story of Rin, a girl from the country who dreams of one day singing in the capital city. Her Grandpa, however, forbids singing because Rin has the rare enchanted power of song -- when she sings, she's able to heal any wound. Meanwhile, in in the capital, the famous enchanted singer, Miss Finis, uses her songs at the bequest of evil Prince Rudo. Finis can use her singing to heal, produce water or even move the stars. When pacific knight, Leobolt discovers that Finis is being used to make Rudo's army invincible during an aggressive attack on a neighboring nation he flees to the woods and meets Rin and her brother Al. Soon the three of them are on run from the prince's men as the try to make their way back to the capital to keep Finis from carrying out Rudo's plan.