Love is Science?
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Yan Fei (Christina Mok) is in her mid-30s and runs a successful startup for singles, matching them up with high-potential life partners by using complicated mathematics and Big Data technology. Her work life is becoming a success. But when it comes to her own affairs of the heart, things aren’t quite as rosy. She is separated from Huo Yong Tai (Chris Wang), a 40-year-old successful hotel chain business manager. The couple’s relationship was often stormy and adversarial, although his love for her was always strong. Huo Yong Tai has moved overseas and Yan Fei is all but over him. Then, by chance, she is reunited with her 27-year-old former neighbor, Wong Hin Yu (Wu Nien Hsuan) – a gentle if somewhat old-fashioned and conservative hair designer. He has secretly been in love with Yan Fei ever since their younger years, but never confessed his love to her. Yan Fei and Wong Hin Yu start to spend more and more time together and a bond of friendship – and perhaps romance – starts to develop between them. But when Huo Yong Tai suddenly returns to the scene, determined to win back Yan Fei’s affections, things begin to get complicated for this love doctor! “Love Is Science?” is a 2021 Taiwanese drama series that was directed by Zhang Jin Rong and Cai Xi Zhen.