Malverde: el santo patrón
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A powerful new action series that tells the story of Jesús Juárez, a young man from Sinaloa, Mexico who grows into a legendary figure - almost a religious icon - revered by many. Set in 1870 and inspired by real-life events, Malverde tells the story of Jesús from his troubled childhood as an orphan to the advent of the Mexican Revolution, where he experienced the torments of war, danger and love while accumulating power. In time, Jesús becomes a Robin Hood-style heroic figure, admired by women of all walks of life. Yet Jesús continues to be haunted by his unexpected feelings for his childhood sweetheart, Elizabeth. As federal authorities see increasing danger in Malverde's growing power during the early days of the Mexican Revolution, it will take more than love and God to hold off all those who seek to destroy the hero known to the faithful as the Patron Saint.