NFL Tailgate Takedown
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Sunny Anderson and New England Patriots Hall-of-Famer Vince Wilfork welcome two teams of talented tailgating duos outside an NFL stadium on game day -- one representing their home turf and the other, fans of the visiting team. In the first round, each team must create a platter of their best bite-sized snacks with a dip that represents their city's flavors. The winner of Round 1, as determined by a rotating panel of judges, selects an ingredient significant to their hometown that both teams must use in the next round. In Round 2's battle, the duos must make their best handheld tailgate treat. The losing team is penalized as one player must complete a tailgate game before entering the final round. In the third round, each team must create a tailgate platter of a meat and two sides that would make their hometown proud. Finally, the grand-prize winner is named, presented with a trophy by a guest NFL legend, and then ushered right into the stadium to their VIP seats on the 50-yard line.