Panda And Hedgehog
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Set in the backdrop of a sweet bakery, this Channel A romantic comedy proves that people can live up to the prophecy of their names. Pan Da Yang (Yoon Seung Ah), whose name sounds like the lovable “panda” is a sweet, upbeat owner of a bakery called Cafe Panda. Ko Seung Ji (Lee Dong Hae), a new pastry chef she hires to work for her, has a name that is a shortened version of the word for “hedgehog” and has the prickly, cold personality to match. As the opposite personalities try to work together to make Panda’s small bakery a success, while they try to compete against a national cake franchise business called Saint-Honore, which happens to be owned by Choi Won Il (Choi Jin Hyuk), Panda’s first love. Her best friend, Kang Eun Bi (Yoo So Young), works for Won Il, but their close friendship is challenged when Eun Bi falls for Won Il, who still has feelings for Panda. When the clashing Panda and Hedgehog also develop feelings for each other, their working relationship and friendships are put to the test. “Panda and Hedgehog,” also known as “Miss Panda and Mr. Hedgehog,” is a 2012 South Korean drama series directed by Han Joon Young. It is the much-anticipated new series starring Donghae from the popular K-pop boy group Super Junior.