Prince Consort, Please Advise
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As princess of the Haitang Kingdom, Sun Wu Hen (Zhang Xin Bi) had very little hope of ever marrying for love. But when it’s announced that she will soon be sent to the Xiangxiong Kingdom as the bride in a diplomatic marriage, all her dreams of finding her one true love seem lost. With no choice but to do as she is told, Wu Hen and her nanny soon set off for the far off kingdom, with nothing to look forward to but a lifetime spent in a loveless marriage. However, upon her arrival, things take an interesting turn when Wu Hen learns that the marriage traditions of the Xiangxiong Kingdom are far different from those of her own kingdom. As a bride marrying into the royal Ma Family, Wu Hen finds she now has her pick of the family’s five sons. Though technically married to all five sons, Wu Hen decides to give each prince a chance to win her heart before she settles on a single husband. Wanting to give the princes an equal chance, Wu Hen enters into a “trial marriage” with each of them. But the more time she spends with the princes, the more she begins to feel that this marriage wasn’t simply one of diplomacy. Could love really be behind such an unusual arrangement? A hilarious story of finding love in unexpected places, “Prince Consort, Please Advise” is a 2021 historical romantic comedy drama directed by Wei Zi Wei.