Pure Life
Available on Viki
Four female South Korean celebrities – the comediennes Kim Ji Min and Hong Yoon Hwa, the actress Hwang Bo Ra, and the model and TV personality Song Hae Na – embark on a journey like no other! They hope to escape the buzz and noise of busy, everyday life and engage in some shared healing. They set off on adventures that will each last for one night and two days, traveling around South Korea in search of places where they can recharge their batteries. They head to a coastal resort in search of a quiet spot where they can practice yoga on the beach. They also try their hands at cooking, hoping that it will prove therapeutic. But they soon discover that unplugging from daily life isn’t as easy as it sounds: Yoga on the beach isn’t easy when heavy winds are swirling and not everyone proves to be as flexible as they’d like! But the celebs soon learn the true value of friendship – and that perhaps nothing can quite restore the spirit like new-found camaraderie and sharing a laugh with like-minded friends! “Pure Life” is a 2022 South Korean variety TV show that was produced by Kwak Bong-chul.