Available on Netflix
Q-FORCE is an adult animated comedy series about a self-identified gay spy and his team proving themselves to the U.S. military. When Steve Maryweather (Sean Hayes), the top cadet of his graduating class at the American Intelligence Agency, is recognized at graduation, he proudly comes out thanks to the repeal of "don't ask, don't tell." But the agency's homophobic director, Dirk Chunly (Gary Cole), immediately calls on cadet Rick Buck (David Harbour) to replace him, and sends Maryweather, aka "Agent Mary," to West Hollywood to start a new division. A decade later, Maryweather is surrounded by a talented team of operatives, including tech expert Deb (Wanda Sykes), hacker Stat (Patti Harrison), and a drag disguise master named Twink (Matt Rogers), all of whom work from his garage in hope of getting an assignment. But Director Chunly, who refers to the group as Q-Force (for "queer force"), still refuses to send them into the field because they're LGBTQ+, and it's up to them to take matters into their own hands, with an assist from the AIA's highest-ranking straight woman, Deputy Director "V" (Laurie Metcalf). But they're ready and able, and plan to show the intelligence agency that they have what it takes to save the world.