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RAGNAROK is a Norwegian young adult series about a environmental end of days. Awkward teenager Magne (David Stakston) has returned with his mother and younger brother Laurits (Jonas Strand Gravli) to his childhood hometown of Edda, which is being destroyed by industrial pollution caused by Jutul Industries, and subsequent climate change. But when a random encounter with a local woman leaves him with strange new powers, he slowly realizes that he may have a bigger purpose. But this doesn't make high school any easier, especially since the popular Jutul family kids, Fjor (Herman Tømmeraas) and Saxa (Theresa Frosta Eggesbø) rule the social scene, and his secret crush, Gry (Emma Bones) doesn't notice him. Luckily, he finds a friend in Isolde (Yiva Bjørkaas Thedin), a young environmental activist. As Magne struggles to find his footing, he begins to realize that the Jutul family is not what they appear to be, and that he is being called upon to fight against a Ragnarok, known in Nordic mythology as a series of natural disasters, the loss of gods as they battle the giants at the end of the world.